7 Must-See Ecuadorian Music Acts

Every week I have been sharing a song under the hashtag Song of the Week, this week I am doing something slightly different.

Thanks to the type of work I do, I have been lucky enough to work closely with talented people in the music scene. Their craft covers a range of musical activities from songwriting, production, and performing, to other just as important ones such as visual concepts, graphic design, stage planning, business and promotion, among others. In Ecuador, my home country, I had the honour of being one of their teachers/colleagues of some of them, and today, I want to share seven of those projects which have produced music that I love. Here they are, in alphabetic order. Enjoy.

Cementerio de Elefantes


Funky Junkies

Mateo Kingman

Mauro Samaniego

Papaya Dada


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