Mount Roraima – the diary


Day 1 9:00 at St Elena. Met the rest of the group: 5 Brazilians, 1 Venezuelan, 1 British, 1 Spanish and us (2 Ecuadorians). 2 Land Rovers took us 80km inside La Gran Sabana to the community of Panatepuy. Checked-in the National Park. Little argument with guard who didn’t want to let us take our djembe (drum) with us but after some strong attitude, the grumpy guard turned into a very friendly fellow and the djembe came with us. 12 km trekking, generally flat. Took us 4 hours. First camp by dawn. Beautiful full moon. Quick wash in the river. Delicious dinner. Every body on their tents by 19:00.


Day 2 Sunrise by 4:30. Clear skies. Beautiful views of the tepuys (Roraima and Kukenan). Nice breakfast. Trekking started at 7:00 for 5 hours. Uphill. Last hour of trekking under heavy rain. Very basic camp. Rain stopped. Quiet afternoon, reading a book, playing cards. Nice dinner. Daniel got sick. Nevertheless, we played some music with the djembe and my charango. Heavy rain started falling. We were blamed for it! Rained all night. 1 German and 1 Danish joined the group.


Day 3 Cloudy skies. Breakfast at 6:00. Started trekking at 7:00. Ascent. Last climbing section, very steep. Rain all the way up. Wet and soaked. Got to the top earlier than others. Got to wait 1 hour for them. Top of Roraima is prehistorical looking, unique, misty and foggy. Storm started. When all the group got to the top we walked for another hour under heavy storm to our camp. Lighting and thundering very closed to us. Saw rocks being hit by thunder (freaking scary). Got to the camp. Rain stopped. Went to explore some of the area. Rained again. Soaked. All clothes and bag wet. Frustrating day. After dinner, sleeping by 20:00.


Day 4 Didn’t sleep well. Cloudy skies again and very fogy. I feel like if I have a cold. Went for a long walk but felt with fever. Didn’t enjoy it as I wanted to. Although, Roraima is unique. It feels like if a dinosaur will appear anytime. Went back to the camp for lunch. I slept all afternoon after taking some tablets. Rest of the group went for a walk. I woke up feeling better but morally down. I don’t like being ill. Dinner and bed, better said, sleeping bag.


Day 5 Descent day. Woke up at 5:00. Part of the group went to the view point of the Kukenan. We couldn’t see much because of the fog. Recorded video clip for Reverso traveler. Descent walk started at 8:00. Good weather. Dangerous descent. The path was extremely wet. 8 hours walking with a break for lunch. All clothes and shoes still wet. Arrived to camp around 16:00. Extremely tired. Washed at the river. Everybody was exhausted but wanting to socialise. Rum, wine and cards kept us awake up to 22:00. It’s raining.


Day 6 Woke up at 5am. Nice breakfast at 6am. Last walk, 4 hours. Back to point 0 by 11am. Great feeling. Land Rovers waiting for us. Took us to another community, San Francisco, for delicious lunch. On the way back to St. Elena, we stopped at the waterfall of the Jaspe. Beautiful coloured rocks. Back to the town. End of expedition. Next stop: Merida. It’ll take us 2 days to get there. Venezuelan nature has plenty of what Venezuelan society lacks of: peace.

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