The beginning of a new chapter

So… I’ve just returned from a 7-month trip around 21 countries, 3 different continents. It was inspiring, challenging, eye-opening, mind-blowing… and apart from being punched twice in my face, it was full of good experiences.

I’m back in London and I still feel on the move. Maybe because life is a trip in general and you spend more time at some stops than others and, at the moment, I just want to keep moving. However, I believe it is important to face the changes and keep a track of them.

Here I am, opening my personal website! The intention is to have an online platform where I can share my expertise, skills, knowledge, dreams and also questions with the world in a more intimate way.

I will work to make this site an excellent use of your time. To read more about me please click the link on the right. For now, I just want to thank you again for your time and hope to hear from you.




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